PlayStation’s new partnership could be a surprise knockout in the making.

EVO 2019 is coming soon, and the biggest fighting game event of the year is sponsored by Sony PlayStation. The organizers behind EVO announced that PlayStation will be the main, official partner for the event. That’s not necessarily surprising, given that EVO announced in February eight out of the nine main stage titles are being played on PS4.

The official statement regarding PlayStation’s EVO 2019, however, has the fighting game world buzzing. In a tweet delivered yesterday, EVO promised more news from PlayStation at the event. While that could mean virtually anything, there are some more logical options when you think about it.

Street Fighter V is a PS4 console exclusive, and EVO has become almost mini E3-like in the way it reveals fighting game announcements each year. Could this be new SFV DLC in the works? There’s also the potential of a Street Fighter VI announcement from Capcom that confirms it as a PS4/PS5 console exclusive. That reveal would surely be worth such a gigantic tease from EVO 2019.

PlayStation’s EVO 2019 has the fighting game world buzzing.

Finally, there’s also the chance we get a PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2 announcement. The Sony equivalent of the Super Smash Bros. franchise is long-overdue for a sequel. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale sold over 1 million units, and the roster of potential fighters has grown much larger in the time since. With the PlayStation 5 on the horizon, it would be a great way to bring some of the PS4’s most iconic characters over to the new platform near launch.

With Street Fighter not closing out EVO 2019 this year, a lot of changes are coming all at once. Could PlayStation’s sponsorship mean another big change is on the horizon?

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Cody's Take


Now is the perfect time to resurrect PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, despite the fact that “battle royale” has a new meaning in the gaming world. That’s how long it’s been since we had one of these! Support for the game’s online mode stopped last year, meaning now there’s a really good reason for a new one.

Truthfully, I think the first one didn’t sell as well as expected because it didn’t have the same roster of iconic characters that Smash Bros. has. That won’t be a problem now, as the PS4 has generated some great additions to the roster. Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn or, if Sony can swing it, Spider-Man would both be huge gets.

If the announcement isn’t PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, then I’m hoping for Street Fighter VI. Given the fact that the franchise isn’t closing EVO this year, it’s time for a sequel. A fresh coat of paint and a buzz-generating EVO reveal are exactly what Street Fighter needs as a franchise. Capcom’s been smashing it lately with games like Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2, so I’m excited to see what it can do with the Street Fighter series next.

Just make sure Cody is on the roster. No real reason why. I’m certainly not biased in any way.