We have more story details for Death Stranding and… what is even happening?

We knew that Hideo Kojima would be blessing the Gamescom 2019 with his presence during Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live and he did not disappoint. The enigmatic developer pulled the curtain back a little further on his hotly anticipated Death Stranding. Kojima did so by showing off not one, not two, but three different looks of the game through three character trailers—one of which featured new gameplay footage.

The first trailer was a dedicated look at Guillermo Del Toro’s character Deadman. In it, he explains why Death Stranding’s main character, Sam (Norman Reedus), has a baby strapped to him. The dialogue that follows gives a hint at the narrative that Kojima is setting up in the new game, and the fate that eventually awaits the B.B. (Bridge Baby).

The second character trailer introduces Mama (Margaret Qualley) into the fold, and she has a unique role. Namely, she’s trapped in a world separate from the one her baby occupies. Even then, she is still apparently breastfeeding a ghost baby that’s not present. It’s a very bizarre concept to try to wrap your head around and one that I still don’t fully understand.

The pair of character trailers appear to show two sides of the same coin. One is Deadman’s explanation of the Bridge Baby that’s connected to someone in another world, while Mama’s intro explains the mother’s side of that relationship. It’s all very obtuse. Still, you can check out Mama’s introduction below.

A better look at Death Stranding


As mentioned, Kojima also finally gave us a better look into the gameplay of Death Stranding during the event. In a snippet dubbed Ludens Fan, players were able to spy a sleeping Sam before waking the character up. After looking around the environment, Hideo Kojima revealed that players will be able to urinate in-game. This action can be used to grow mushrooms if enough players urinate in the same spot, as well as combat enemies. No, I’m not joking.

As Sam begins walking around the environment after relieving himself, he can hear someone beckoning him to come closer. After hiking up a hill and utilizing a rather nifty portable ladder, it’s revealed that none other than Geoff Keighley is going to be in Death Stranding under the monicker of Ludens Fan. This is a nod to the mascot for Kojima Productions who is named Ludens, so the name is a bit tongue in cheek. Despite the character being voiced by actor Matthew Mercer, the likeness is unmistakably Keighley. So, you might want to get used to seeing more of his mug around.

Finally, Kojima confirmed that when Sam takes damage (which was demonstrated via a fall in the demo) his B.B. will begin to cry. As you might imagine, this could be bad news if there are enemies around. In order to stop this, players will have to comfort the B.B. to quiet it down. It’s a mechanic that should prove to be unique to Death Stranding, although a crying baby isn’t something I’d personally like to be hit with after… err, being hit with something.


Riley's Take


After seeing Gamescom’s Death Stranding reveals, I can confirm that I’m even more baffled by the direction of the game. During the gameplay portion, I witnessed Norman Reedus urinate in a fashion similar to that of Conker the Squirrel. The pee placement then spawned a mushroom, which can presumably be harvested. The more players that pee in a spot will cause things to grow, so am I led to believe that people will co-ordinate pee placement online? If so, that’s hilarious.

The character dialogue between Sam and Deadman/Mama also doesn’t really shine a light on much. We know that there is a relationship between B.B. and stillborn mothers, which allows Sam to see the ghostly apparitions that hunt him. Conversely, there are moms in Sam’s world with babies in other universes? There’s a lot going on here, although the second half of the game’s title, Stranding, is beginning to make more sense. Everyone is stranded in one world or another. I think I’ll really only find out what this game even is when it launches for PS4 on November 8, 2019.