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Halo Infinite E3 banner image

Halo’s Infinite Possibilities

A wishlist for one of the biggest gaming franchises in the galaxy, Halo.
Xbox E3 review banner image

7 Things Xbox Should Have Done to Win E3 2019, But...

Xbox played it safe during E3 2019 when it could have nabbed the high score.
Gears 5 banner image

Gears 5: Everything We Know So Far

Here's a deep-dive into everything we know about Gears 5.
Microsoft Xbox LIVE Twitter Announcements Header

Everything We Saw at the Microsoft E3 Briefing: Live Tweet Recap...

Keanu may have the room, but Microsoft brought plenty of other cameos at the briefing!
Microsoft XBox Reveals and Announcements at E3 Briefing Header

Microsoft E3 2019 Conference Roundup

Here's a full roundup of the Microsoft E3 Press Conference from E3 2019!
Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation video game consoles

Sony and Microsoft Form Strategic Partnership for Games and Streaming

The handshake that shook the video game industry.
Minecraft Earth banner image

Minecraft Earth Announced for iPhone and Android

Minecraft Earth: building blocks around your block.
Microsoft Sony week in review banner image

Gaming Week In Review: May 17, 2019

Rage 2, Sony and Microsoft partnership, new Splinter Cell, and more this week in gaming.