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Halo Infinite Creative Director Leaves Featured Image

What’s Going on with Halo Infinite?

A Flood of creative differences or something an Arbiter could've solved?
Screenshot from Halo video game

Top 5 Halo Games Ranked

Halo Infinite is coming, get prepared with these top 5 essential Halo experiences.
Ninja Mixer Halo Infinite Banner

Ninja’s Mixer Deal Likely Signals a Return to Halo

The possibilities are Infinite.
Gaming Week in Review June 14 banner image

Gaming Week In Review: June 14, 2019

A breathtaking week of games with plenty of E3 2019 news to dive into!
Halo Infinite E3 banner image

Halo’s Infinite Possibilities

A wishlist for one of the biggest gaming franchises in the galaxy, Halo.
Microsoft XBox Reveals and Announcements at E3 Briefing Header

Microsoft E3 2019 Conference Roundup

Here's a full roundup of the Microsoft E3 Press Conference from E3 2019!
Xbox E3 predictions banner image

Xbox Predictions for E3 2019

Microsoft is ready to unveil the future of Xbox at this year's E3.

What We’re Most Excited About This E3

E3 2019 is coming, and here's what we're most looking forward to this year!