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Tripanel image of Ori and the Blind Forest, white video game controller and Death Stranding video game character

Gaming Week in Review: August 23, 2019

Gamescom brought an avalanche of news items this week. Let's get you caught up!

The More I See of Death Stranding the Less Sense it...

More story details for Death Stranding have arrived... but what is even happening here?
Screenshot from Death Stranding video game

Does Death Stranding Exclusivity Really Matter?

Kojima's Death Stranding has been pulled from the list of PlayStation exclusives. Does it really matter?

Death Stranding’s Box Art isn’t Bad, But Could be Better

Death Stranded with too few options.

What Will Death Stranding Need to Thrive?

Death Stranding gives us life with these exciting possibilities.
Splice of three video games

Most Anticipated Games of 2019

Get ready to clear your calendars! Here are our most anticipated games of 2019.
Gaming week in review May 31

Gaming Week in Review: May 31, 2019

Train Pokémon while you sleep. Just don’t let Death Stranding’s new trailer keep you up for too long!

Kojima Releases New Death Stranding Trailer, More News Coming May 29

A new, cryptic teaser suggests Death Stranding could be a rope-building simulator. Just kidding!