Nintendo’s online services need work, but this proves it’s listening to fans.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a game all about creation, and Nintendo is doubling down on that idea. With a new update, Nintendo is raising the course creation limit in the game to 64, up from 32. This will allow players to make more courses and continue to challenge other players online.

The update addresses a common complaint among aspiring creators since the game’s launch late last month, making today’s news a nice step in the right direction.

That’s not all, though. According to Nintendo, the company plans to raise Super Mario Maker 2‘s level limit an additional time in the future. While it’s probably too much to hope it’ll double again, every level counts.

Today’s announcement is an indication that Nintendo is happy to listen to its fans. Super Mario Maker 2‘s doubled level upload limit is sure to keep the community alive and thriving. It also soften the blow of Nintendo Switch’s fledgling online service, which continues to be criticized for poor matchmaking and laggy performance. These are concerns Nintendo is trying to slowly patch up, and in the meantime, we get make good moves like this one.

Nintendo is doubling down on Super Mario Maker 2’s creation.

This increase is most appreciated by the many dedicated Mario Maker fans out there. With a doubled limit, they can afford to get more creative with their level designs. This, in turn, gives fans more variety in online level selection. It’s a win-win and easy PR boost for Nintendo heading into a holiday season that will see the Switch Lite be a major money-earner for the company.

Fans interested in learning more about the game can check out our very own Paul Hunter’s Super Mario Maker 2 review, where he praised the title as “the ultimate canvas for Super Mario creativity.”


Cody's Take


If you’re designing a game about creation, the best thing you can do is give players the freedom to fully explore it—and that’s exactly what Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker 2 update means to its players. Getting access to double the levels means double the creativity, and the Mario Maker 2 community is plenty creative. I’m excited to see what the talented level designers who share their creations online can come up with more slots available.

Beyond Mario Maker 2, this move is also proof that Nintendo is listening to fans. Nintendo’s Online service has been a question mark block since the Switch’s release, but the cap increase is indicative that positive change is coming. While this won’t suddenly fix everything, it shows Nintendo pays attention to consumer interest.

After Nintendo announced it would fix Super Mario Maker 2‘s online multiplayer, I assumed the company was done with the title. With this limit increase and the other update waiting in the wings, it proves there’s more support to come. As a huge fan of video games, nothing makes me happier than seeing developers prioritize consumers.