It’s highly unlikely we’ve seen the last of Spider-Man on PlayStation.

The announcement that Sony and Disney couldn’t come to an agreement over the use of Spider-Man in the MCU is spilling over into the video game industry. Fans of Marvel’s Spider-Man worry that the fallout could spell the end of hopes for a sequel, but it’s not time to panic just yet.

First of all, Sony just bought Insomniac Games. There’s not much chance the company would do so if Spider-Man on PS4 was at risk. While the developer has other great titles like Ratchet & ClankSpider-Man is the real prize. Spider-Man is the type of game that can build up a long-running franchise, and Sony will likely view it that way heading into the PS5’s future.

Second of all, and perhaps more importantly, the dispute is over the movies, not the games. Sony and Disney are giants in their industries. It’s very unlikely either would hold a grudge and let it spill over into a lucrative business arrangement.

Spider-Man is the type of game that can build up a long-running franchise.

No Sony or Marvel executive mentioned the potential for negotiations to affect the games, either. It’s more likely that Sony and Disney, Marvel’s parent company, find themselves thrilled with Spider-Man on PS4.

Finally, there’s the fact that negotiations appear to be ongoing. There’s every chance that Sony and Disney work things out and bring Spider-Man back to the MCU. With all of that information considered, it’s way too early to be panicking about PlayStation’s Spider-Man.

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Cody's Take


First, let me preface this by saying that, yes, there is a chance this will affect Marvel’s Spider-Man after all. I don’t have any insider info, so I can’t speak to how well negotiations are going or what’s being discussed behind closed doors.

With that said, however, it’s extremely unlikely any of this will spill over into the video game world. Spider-Man on PS4 was one of the hottest games of 2018. On top of that, it’s also the best-selling superhero video game of all time. Sony and Marvel know exactly what they have in Spider-Man, and Sony’s purchase of Insomniac Games proves it. An investment of that level likely wouldn’t be made without plans to capitalize on the studio’s biggest IPs. There just aren’t many bigger properties than Spider-Man at the moment.

Sony and Marvel know exactly what they have in Spider-Man.

I’d be surprised if there wasn’t already a multi-game deal in place for Spider-Man on PlayStation, too. If there is, the game is probably being made as a premiere PS5 title. There’s no way Sony or Marvel would jeopardize that, as a follow-up selling millions seems all-but guaranteed.

Ultimately, I understand why fans are worried. It’s always scary to see a beloved property even remotely linked to corporate fallout. Sony and Disney are professionals first and foremost, though, and the dispute isn’t even about the games. Both companies care about the bottom line, and for Spider-Man on PlayStation, it’s a juicy figure that should keep it going well into the next-gen.