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Hello Games’ Commitment to No Man’s Sky Deserves Recognition

No Man's Sky has come a long way since its 2016 launch.

Does Death Stranding Exclusivity Really Matter?

Kojima's Death Stranding has been pulled from the list of PlayStation exclusives. Does it really matter?

The Pokémon Company Puts NatDex Controversy Behind Them

Pokémon Sword and Shield feature Galarian forms and more, but the NatDex controversy still lingers.

The Gamescom 2019 World Premieres are Massive

Gamescom's time zone difference means Canadians don't have to wait as long for these juicy announcements!

Sony’s Commitment to the Chinese Market is Paying Off

Sony's gift to the gaming world this year could be a more diverse development scene.

Ninja’s Mixer Deal Likely Signals a Return to Halo

The possibilities are Infinite.

Capcom Handled the SFV Leak Like Pros

Street Fighter V might be staggered, but it's still fighting strong.