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Sony Buying Insomniac Means More Independent Studio Acquisitions Might Be Coming

No studio feels out of reach now that Sony has acquired Insomniac Games.

Gears of War’s Crossover with Halo is Long Overdue

Gears of War is finally crossing over with Halo through new DLC. Emphasis on FINALLY.

What’s Going on with Halo Infinite?

A Flood of creative differences or something an Arbiter could've solved?

New PS4 Controllers Are Great, But We Want to Make Our Own

PlayStation continues its trend of releasing cool controllers, but we want to make our own.

Apex Legends is Not Having a Good Week

Apex Legends has made some big changes, creating even bigger controversy.

THQ Nordic Developing Games I Can’t Wait To Play

THQ Nordic's recent string of announcement is music to my ears!

The Future of Banjo-Kazooie Lies with Nintendo

Nintendo is breathing new life into Banjo-Kazooie and that bodes well for the IPs future.

Activision is Resurrecting More Franchises, But What Could Return?

Activision has confirmed that more remakes and remasters are on the way.