New consoles, great first-party selection and strong sales make 2019 the Year of Nintendo.

Break out the sunscreen because June was another hot month for Nintendo according to the most recent report from NPD GroupSuper Mario Maker 2 topped the June sales charts while the Switch was the best-selling console of the month.

The good news for Nintendo fans doesn’t stop there, though, as the Switch is also the best-selling console of the year so far. While console sales across all platforms are down in 2019 year-to-date, it isn’t the fault of the Switch, which is the only device to actually show growth this year. Some analysts believe Nintendo will likely lead sales throughout the rest of the year, too:

June is traditionally a slower month for game releases due to the focus on E3 2019, so it’s impressive to see Nintendo continued to show growth last month.

Nintendo will likely lead sales throughout the rest of the year.

After Sony PlayStation dominated the console market for much of this generation, it’s an interesting shift to see Nintendo lead this year’s console sales. Part of this is due to the usual end-of-gen hardware sales decline, but it’s hard not to be optimistic about Nintendo’s future beyond 2019 with sales this strong.


Cody's Take


While I’m still skeptical of the Nintendo Switch Lite’s battery life, that’s one of the few real complaints I could make about the fantastic 2019 Nintendo is having. Their continued growth in the console market is perfectly timed, and it would be selling the company short to say it’s just because Sony and Microsoft are building towards next-gen.

Most of Nintendo’s strength this year came from what has historically made the company great—an amazing first-party exclusive lineup complemented by ports that bring great games mobile. Innovation has helped Nintendo, too, as the Switch’s mobility and design makes it enticing to adults and children alike.

I’m certainly not suggesting that Sony is going to lose its grip on console gaming. PlayStation has been too good for too long for that to happen. In the interim between the PS4 and PS5, though, Nintendo is making a strong case for being the best console manufacturer on the market in 2019—and that makes the competition in 2020 all the more tantalizing to imagine.