Either that image says “PS4” or my mind’s gone ape wild!

Whenever a game maker releases a surprise teaser image or video, it’s hard to take them strictly at face value. We know these companies love throwing in sneaky easter eggs, be it a hidden Scarlett code in Xbox’s E3 promotional material or SEGA obviously teasing Catherine on PC through multiple sheep images.

Keeping that in mind, I was immediately intrigued when that mysterious Ape Escape twitter account popped up over the weekend. In particular, I paid close attention to the account’s inaugural tweet:

Now I could be reading into this tweet too much, but a few elements stand out:

  • The ape: There’s an ape in a forest, so what right? Well, the whole point of Ape Escape games is to capture the apes, and in this case, it’s clear there’s still an ape running free somewhere.
  • The messaging: The tweet translates to: “Piposaru (20 years since then. I’ve been running around, but I wonder if there’s anyone chasing me anymore.” Piposaru (ピポサル) is the franchise’s name in Japanese, and the original game released 20 years ago. It’s the last part of the text that’s interesting: this particular ape is asking if anyone (presumably the player) is chasing them anymore. Hmm.

To me, the messaging is pretty clear: an ape from the original Ape Escape game wasn’t found and it’s been roaming free ever since. So, of course, that begs the question—will we soon be attempting to capture that ape? And if we are, could this tweet be hinting at a new PS4 or PSVR game?

Looking at the image some more, I noticed that mayyybe there’s more being shown here than meets the eye:

Now look, I’ll fully admit I may be seeing things that aren’t actually there, but it does seem there’s an outline of “PS4” tucked away in the background. I first clued into this given that incredibly odd “S”-shaped tree, it looks almost too intentional. Furthermore, the tree on the right side looks visibly like a “4”. Once I discovered those, the “P” cleverly popped into view.

So am I onto something here? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But it is fun to speculate, right? A new Ape Escape game would be a great addition to the PS4 library.


Paul's Take


It seems clear: something Ape Escape is happening. The Twitter account thus far has been promoting lighter fare such as 20th Anniversary merchandise, a pop-up café in Tokyo and a neat retrospective video. Adding fuel to the fire was Hideo Kojima who tweeted out several photos of franchise’s mascot this week.

Does all this mean we’ll soon get news of another Ape Escape game? That’s ape-xactly what I hope happens!