Gears 5 reinvents the franchise’s multiplayer, with big changes coming to weapons, offensive and defensive lines, and tactical combat.

Gears 5 will be getting a massive overhaul to the game’s multiplayer experience. The Coalition recently released a trailer that details several changes coming to competitive multiplayer, alongside a brand new map that embodies these design philosophies.

One of the major changes coming to Gears 5‘s Escalation mode is the ability to migrate between offensive and defensive play. You can win games in two different ways: secure and defend rings that accumulate one point per second (250 points to win), or wear down the opposing team’s respawn pool and eliminate them.

The biggest change in my mind, however, is the deep-dive into weapons. Gears 5 weapons can be disabled and upgraded, offering more customization than ever before. You can also have weapons spawn close to your team with less ammo, or place them in the dangerous middle line with the perk of being able to upgrade them.

Further emphasis on tactical combat includes front- and back-line designations. Players who are in the back lines get access to better grenades, offering some payoff for staying out of the fray directly. Check out the full look at the video below:


Cody's Take


Wow. Gears 5 is going to completely change the game for multiplayer, and The Coalition isn’t pulling punches doing so. A ton of tactical changes to the gameplay formula will inevitably bring more competitive players to the Gears 5 multiplayer, but what about for casual fans?

The last Gears of War was a much more drop-in-and-play kind of experience. That doesn’t seem possible in Gears 5, since it requires so much planning and strategic understanding of the map and game mechanics. Will that ostracize too many fans to make the obvious improvements to depth worth it?

To me, Gears 5 represents an exciting evolution for the franchise, one that makes me want to play multiplayer for the first time in several Gears games. Being able to block weapon respawns and sink points into the guns I want to use is exactly the kind of thing that makes a multiplayer shooter appealing to me. Hopefully, for The Coalition’s sake, that sentiment is echoed by more Gears fans than not. With a multiplayer test starting on July 19th, we’ll soon find out. The test is coming to both Windows 10 PC and Xbox One.