A new Guilty Gear game, fighting game DLC reveals and more all dropped this week!

A few major gaming announcements have sprung up in the wake of EVO 2019, ranging from DLC to a new Guilty Gear. Yes, there was news outside of the poorly received Snake in Tekken fakeout. There’s plenty of other gaming news, too, as we prepare our wallets for the onslaught of September releases.

Guilty Gear makes its return

You're Guilty

One of the biggest announcements to come out of EVO 2019 was the reveal of a new instalment in the Guilty Gear franchise. Developer Arc System Works premiered a trailer for the title during the fighting game tournament to the delight of those watching. In the trailer, longstanding characters Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske (albeit with shorter hair) square off against one another. The trailer closes out with a teaser for a newcomer rocking a robotic demon mask, leaving fans like myself eager to see the character in action.

Arc System Works has confirmed that this new Guilty Gear will release at some point in 2020. The studio only announced the title for PS4, leaving fans to speculate whether it is indeed exclusive. Fortunately, we should be receiving more details soon as the game will be playable at the ArcRevo World Tour Final event in California. The ArcRevo fighting game tournament will be held on November 16-17th this year.

SoulCalibur set for a Shodown

Another Crossover

EVO 2019 was filled with additional surprises, but one of the biggest was SoulCalibur VI‘s crossover with Samurai Shodown. Since Samurai Shodown was a pillar of this year’s event, the confirmation of Haohmaru joining SoulCalibur VI‘s roster was received warmly. The reveal came as part of Bandai Namco’s confirmation of a second DLC season for the fight title.

It’s no secret that crossover characters have become something of a major focus in fighting games as of late. The latest SoulCalibur features Geralt from The Witcher and 2B from Nier: Automata already, so Haohmaru is in good company. The Samurai Shodown character’s unveiling did somewhat overshadow the footage of SoulCalibur‘s returning Cassandra. Despite this, she looks to be a great addition to the game.

Tekken 7 getting third DLC season

No Tekken a Break

Another fighting game franchise that’s no stranger to guest characters is Tekken, which had plenty of news for us during EVO 2019. Not only did the competition’s Grand Finals match between Asrlan Ash and Knee manage to impress, but Bandai Namco also confirmed that there will be a third season for Tekken 7. Many were unsure if the developer would pursue another season or begin development on another entry. Now that more DLC is confirmed, it’s a relief to see the current game being built upon rather than abandoned.

One of the biggest aspects of Season 3 is that every fighter on the roster will receive new moves. This is surely a major undertaking for the developers but acts as a wonderful quality-of-life update to Tekken 7. Season 3 will also add Zafina as a returning fighter from Tekken 6, as well as a newcomer by the name of Leroy Smith. The update is expected to drop this September.

SEGA announcing AAA game at Gamescom

Super Sonic Speed

Gamescom 2019 is kicking off with an event dubbed ‘Opening Night Live’ on August 19th at 11 am PT/2 pm ET. It’s already been confirmed that a number of world premiers will occur at the Gamescom event, but SEGA has announced that it has a big reveal set just ahead of the Geoff Keighley-hosted showcase. The best part is that the scale of its announcement is said to be a AAA title (via VG247), which has my mind rushing trying to figure out what it could be.

As gamers hum and haw over what the announcement could entail, we do know one thing it won’t be. Total War community manager Grace Carroll took to the game’s subreddit to confirm that the reveal isn’t coming from SEGA’s Creative Assembly. This leaves a few options open for fans to speculate on, with anything from a new Sonic to a new IP possible. Rumours have been around for a while that Google and SEGA are teaming up for exclusives on the latter’s Stadia platform. Maybe we can expect something there?

Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox disclosing loot box odds

Full Disclosure

In recent months it’s been more common to see Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft working together in some form or another. We’ve witnessed Xbox’s Banjo-Kazooie added to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Ultimate and Sony partner with Microsoft for Azure’s game-streaming technology. Now the big three are working together to disclose odds associated with loot boxes.

The Entertainment Software Association confirmed the news on its official website. According to the ESA, the console manufacturers will now require loot box odds to be disclosed by anyone publishing on their platforms. These policies are set to be implemented no later than the end of 2020. Best of all, they represent a massive step forward for friendlier consumer practices surrounding microtransactions.

This week’s game releases

Game Release Date Platform Metacritic
Madden NFL 20 August 2, 2019 PS4, Xbox One 75%
DC Universe Online August 6, 2019 Switch Link
Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition August 8, 2019 Switch Link
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet August 8, 2019 Switch Link
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil August 8, 2019 Switch Link

Riley's Take


EVO 2019 flexed the growing influence that the fighting game tournament holds. Major announcements for Tekken and SoulCalibur were rivalled only by the reveal of a brand-new Guilty Gear. Meanwhile, Nintendo held the final event for the show, shattering viewer records with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It’s too bad Nintendo didn’t feel the need to capitalize on that viewership by making an announcement, like a new character joining the roster. With well over 200,000 people tuned in to Smash, this seems like a missed opportunity.

Outside of fighting game news, the SEGA announcement has me intrigued. I’ve long waited for some sort of Sonic Adventure sequel, so my mind immediately wanders there. It’s unlikely to happen, of course, but my dreams will live on.

Finally, it’s great to see Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft working together to inform consumers about the odds associated with the loot boxes they’re buying. Given the current state of loot boxes and microtransactions, it’s good to see a more consumer-friendly approach. Plus, it better serves the industry to do everything it can to future-proof the concept.