Fortnite’s pop culture crossovers are a big factor in its continued success.

Fortnite is getting a Stranger Things crossover to complement the latter’s Season 3 debut on Netflix. It’s more evidence that when it comes to being culturally relevant, few studios can compete with Epic Games. It’s no wonder Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale scene with over 250 million registered players.

The new Fortnite and Stranger Things crossover has manifested via a mysterious portal to the Upside Down dimension in-game. Epic also confirmed players will be able to acquire Chief Hopper skins or, and this one is pretty sweet, become the Demogorgon itself. The update also introduces a vine weapon wrap that coats various guns in the Mind Flayer’s signature calling card.

Mashup image of Fortnite and Stranger Things video games

Beyond the obvious success that this crossover will bring Fortnite, it’s yet another indicator of just how dominant Epic Games has become. Fortnite continues to keep itself relevant with partnerships to the hottest pop culture properties. The Avengers crossover that brought a dancing Thanos onto every Fortnite player’s screen was a huge success. Wreck-it Ralph also briefly appeared in-game too, demonstrating that Epic Games understands its audience well.

The biggest event, though, was the Marshmello concert that completely changed the game, quite literally, for the industry. An in-game concert attended by millions? What other game could pull that off? Fortnite is clearly here to stay, and Epic demonstrates time and again why that is—it’s hard to find a month where Fortnite isn’t a major topic of discussion thanks to a timely pop culture reference or game update.


Cody's Take


Say what you will about Epic Games, but the company understands one thing better than perhaps any other developer going today, and that’s marketing. Not everyone has the massive player base marketing bigwigs salivate over, and Epic capitalizes on this to its full potential. There’s a reason Epic has virtually unlimited crossover options: the company has done such a good job keeping Fortnite relevant to today’s gamer audience.

Epic Games is dominating the industry because of its ability to hone in on what people will be talking about and insert Fortnite into the conversation. That many of these events come as a surprise with a tease in-game proves that the company understands us, too. What kind of gamer doesn’t love a teaser and the theories that follow? We’re suckers for that kind of thing, and Epic knows it,too—look no further than the giant monster slumbering underneath Fortnite‘s island for proof of that.