To move forward, Fortnite looks back.

Fortnite season 10 is just a day away, and Epic Games teased something momentous. The developer revealed a glimpse at the fan-favourite Dusty Depot as part of the buildup to season 10 today.

The catch? Well, Dusty Depot was eradicated over a year ago when Fortnite‘s meteor wiped it off the map. As a result, Epic’s tease created excitement over what to expect from season 10 after season nine’s epic showdown. How do you top a giant robot and monster fighting across the world map?

It looks like Epic’s answer to that question is to blend the old with the new. Teases of Fortnite season 10 repeatedly hint back at some of the game’s most iconic moments and locations. Beyond the Dusty Depot nod, Fortnite‘s second tease includes a look at The Visitor, a robot from season four’s plot line.

How do you top a giant robot and monster fighting across the world map?

Officially, we’ve since found out that Fornite season 10 is called “Out of Time,” according to the latest teaser trailer released today. It looks like Epic Games is banking on players being nostalgic for some of the locations and weapons that have disappeared from its live service title.

Will it pay off? That’s hard to say. There’s no doubt fans miss Dusty Depot, and callbacks to past plotlines tend to satisfy long-time players. For newer players, though—and given the game’s popularity, that isn’t a small demographic—these callbacks might be more of a miss. But at this point, it’s pretty obvious Epic has a good grasp on what’s being done in Fortnite. Time shenanigans are fun—let’s see if Epic spins it into another win for the massive Fortnite.


Cody's Take


I think this move from Epic Games is a stroke of genius. In retrospect, it’s obvious that returning to past moments is smart. And in execution, Fortnite season 10 ticks all my boxes to get me interested in the game all over again.

As a lapsed fan, nothing appeals to me quite like a trip down memory lane. Dusty Depot is a timeless classic that fans still mourn. Bringing it back alongside genuinely new content is a perfect mix of old and fresh. As a result, I believe a bunch of players (including myself) will jump back in to explore.

Dusty Depot is a timeless classic that fans mourned once it was removed.

What season 10 needs to avoid is completely retconning what’s happened over the past several seasons. I’m fine with things coming back, but I don’t want it to be completely reset. We spend a lot of time engaging with the world of Fortnite and enjoying its updates. That’s why it would be a shame to have a lot of that undone just to appeal to nostalgia.

To be honest, though, I don’t see Epic Games going that route. The developer is savvy every step of the way with Fortnite—why would that change now? Instead, Epic is giving us what we wanted with the return of a great location, and seems to do so with a new spin on the story, too.

If Fortnite successfully executes its time-travel-themed season, I hope it establishes a sweet, sweet time loop of great content. Or, at the very least, we get more of Kevin the Cube. I’m happy with either.