SNES games may finally be coming to Switch and these are the games we absolutely need.

A patent filing from Nintendo indicates the company might be interested in making a new wireless SNES controller for Switch. Schematics for the peripheral were spotted by Resetera user Link83 in a recent FCC filing. While certain aspects of the Bluetooth-enabled SNES controller are hidden from nosy onlookers, the model number (HAC-042) indicates that the device is for Nintendo Switch. The Switch Pro Controller (HAC-013) and the Joy-Con Controllers—Left (HAC-015) Right (HAC-016)—all share the same root product code.

Nintendo filing patents for controllers isn’t anything new. However, what’s interesting is the company introduced wireless NES controllers right when NES games hit Nintendo’s Online service. With Nintendo filing a patent for wireless SNES that obviously gets our gears turning. Could we soon see Super NES games come to Nintendo’s Online service?

Having recognized this, I can’t help but discuss titles I’d like to see added to Nintendo’s Online library first.

Five SNES games we NEED on Switch

Super Nintendo
  1. F-Zero
  2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  3. Super Mario RPG
  4. Chrono Trigger
  5. Battletoads/Double Dragon


The last time we saw a new F-Zero entry was on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2003. Yes, it’s actually been 16 years since we’ve hit the futuristic raceways in a new game featuring Captain Falcon. While we remain optimistic about a new installment in the series, the prospect of playing the original F-Zero on Switch would be welcomed.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Unlike F-Zero fans, Zelda followers have been spoiled by Nintendo on Switch. Breath of the Wild, Hyrule Warriors, Cadence of Hyrule and the upcoming remake of Link’s Awakening make that clear. Still, SNES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past would be a spectacular addition. Hey, while you’re fleshing out that library of Zelda games on Switch, why don’t you give us a Zelda Maker, Nintendo?


Super Mario RPG

Oddly, there hasn’t been any sign of a new Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi game coming to Nintendo Switch. While a bummer, Nintendo could address the lack of a Mario RPG on Switch handily if it added Super Mario RPG. This game is what got the iconic plumber into the genre in the first place, and it would be fantastic to play it on the go. Besides, maybe it would have the added effect of getting SMRPG‘s Geno into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


Chrono Trigger

Heralded as one of the greatest RPGs of all time, Chrono Trigger was noticeably absent on the SNES Classic. While we don’t have the power to travel through time to correct this, Nintendo can make good in the present by adding the game to Nintendo Switch…provided that a deal could be struck with Square Enix to make this happen, of course.


Battletoads/Double Dragon

It’s hard to believe this game actually happened, but here it is on our list. Developers Rare and Techno Japan partnered on the succinctly titled beat ’em up Battletoads/Double Dragon in 1993. Notably, the game released across NES, SEGA Genesis, SNES and Game Boy, so it’s not a SNES exclusive. Despite this, it would be great to see this piece of gaming history restored and made playable on Switch.

Even though Microsoft now owns Rare, the company had no problem licensing Banjo-Kazooie to Nintendo for Smash Ultimate. Why not work together again on this fun little crossover?


Riley's Take


We’ve been long overdue for further incentives to subscribe to Switch’s Nintendo Online. NES games were a nice kickoff to the service, but Super Nintendo titles are what fans have been clamouring for. Having said that, this patent doesn’t necessarily mean that SNES titles are coming to Switch soon—if at all. Nor does it indicate whether they’d be included as part of a Nintendo Online subscription or be sold separately.

Whatever the case may be, it’s hard not to be excited by the prospect of playing some of the classic SNES games that debuted on the platform. Super Mario RPG, in particular, would be a blast to experience on the go, so here’s hoping there’s something more to those patents.