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E3 2019

Games That Are Perfect for the (Rumoured) Nintendo Switch Mini/Pro

With new Switch consoles rumoured to be coming, here are games we want for them.

E3 2019’s Game of the Show

Cyberpunk 2077 took our breath away. For that, it deserves to be our Game of the Show.

How PlayStation Won E3 2019 Without Attending

PlayStation didn't show up at E3 but still made a big impact.

Halo’s Infinite Possibilities

A wishlist for one of the biggest gaming franchises in the galaxy, Halo.

Ubisoft Needs to Announce a New Splinter Cell

Ubisoft doesn't want to step away from the Splinter Cell franchise, but when will they announce a new entry to the series?

Luigi’s Mansion 3: Exclusive Interview with Producers Kensuke Tanabe and Yoshihito Ikebata

Paul's exclusive interview with the producers of Luigi's Mansion 3 yields unreleased teasers

Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct Roundup

Nintendo's E3 Direct was a smashing good time! Didn't get a chance to watch? Catch up on the biggest announcements right here!

7 Things Xbox Should Have Done to Win E3 2019, But Didn’t

Xbox played it safe during E3 2019 when it could have nabbed the high score.