I need a Hero. I’m holding out for a Hero… in Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Nintendo finally pulled the metaphorical curtain back on details about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s new DLC fighter, Hero. The character comes from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series and the effort put into doing him justice is nothing short of impressive. Hero’s attacks, alternate costumes and Yggdrasil’s Altar stage all represent him flawlessly. Best of all, you won’t need to wait to get your hands on him—he’s available right now!

Alongside Hero and the new battleground are several other major additions to the game. The following are all part of Smash Ultimate’s 4.0 update:

  • New Dragon Quest-themed Spirit battles.
  • Character balancing to the existing roster of fighters.
  • Final Smash gauge now times out. If you don’t use it, you lose it!
  • New Online Tourney and Event Tourney modes.
  • The ability to predict who will win during Spectate mode, which can win you prizes.
  • The Edit Video feature has been expanded on, now allowing you to use photos and videos.
  • A new “Very Easy” difficulty in Adventure mode.
  • New Square Enix themed Mii Fighter costumes are available for purchase.

All of this is great for fans like me eagerly awaiting something new in Ultimate. While all of this content is exciting, it’s the new Mii Fighter costumes that have fans scratching their heads. It’s no secret Square Enix has developed iconic franchises ranging from Final Fantasy to Tomb Raider, but there’s one Smash Bros. aficionados are particularly fond of: Super Mario RPG. Moreover, Geno from the game has long been one of the most requested fighters and he’s still missing in action. Since all of the new Mii costumes are based on Square Enix IPs, where’s the Geno costume?

Fans want a Geno Mii costume

Super Mario RPG

To satisfy fans wanting a Geno Mii costume, Nintendo added one as DLC in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U alongside the arrival of Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife. So, it’s surprising to see the costume has not returned in Smash Ultimate alongside the new Square Enix-owned DLC since the publisher has partial ownership of Geno.

The exclusion of Geno’s Mii costume is disappointing, but it doesn’t rule out future possibilities for the character. The Super Mario RPG star is already featured in Smash Bros. Ultimate as a collectible Spirit and avatar for online play. This means that Nintendo has already secured the rights to use him, so why wouldn’t Nintendo and Square agree to re-release the Geno outfit for fans? It’s not much of a jump to suggest that there are other plans in place for the obscure character. Granted, that is entirely speculation on my part, but it is backed by historical precedence.

The exclusion of Geno’s Mii costume is disappointing, but it doesn’t rule out future possibilities for the character.

As of publication, there are still two unannounced characters set to arrive as DLC for Smash Bros. Ultimate and the identity of these fighters is anyone’s guess. Geno may be one of them, or could join as a Mii fighter outside of the ongoing Fighters Pass. Only time will tell what Nintendo has in store for us, but the lack of Geno’s Mii costume in Ultimate remains a curious exclusion.


Riley's Take


The creator of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, hasn’t hidden his desire to add Geno to series in the past. He confirmed it during an interview with Japanese gaming magazine Nintendo Dream (via SourceGaming), stating that Geno’s Mii costume in the Wii U/3DS versions of Smash Bros. was to satisfy fans.

The creator of Super Smash Bros., Masahiro Sakurai, hasn’t hidden his desire to add Geno to series in the past.

It’s good to put the Geno costume in perspective, too: several other Mii costumes also haven’t returned. Chief among them is Final Fantasy’s Chocobo outfit that initially released alongside the Geno attire. It’s also possible that those costumes will arrive later and Nintendo is simply doing its all to promote Dragon Quest. After all, the company is publishing Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition on Nintendo Switch.

Still, Nintendo has already secured the rights to the character and the assets for the costume exist. In that light, it’s odd not to give fans what they want unless other plans are in place. At the very least, the arrival of Hero and the lack of Geno is something for fans to think about.

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