Cuphead is poised to become the best gaming adaptation yet.

Cuphead will make the leap from the video game world to television, thanks to a new deal signed with Netflix. Studio MDHR announced an animated adaptation is in the works and will be called The Cuphead Show.

Netflix has been willing to entertain more video game adaptations lately after the success of Castlevania, and it’s a smart move. Games like The WitcherDevil May Cry and Diablo all have passionate audiences who want more content from their favourite worlds—and Netflix is out to deliver. While none of those adaptations has released yet, it’s not hard to imagine them succeeding. Maybe we’ll even see parents naming their children Geralt or Dante, like the Daenerys phenomenon from Game of Thrones.

Jokes aside, this Cuphead adaptation is a dream come true. While the games listed above are exciting in their own right, Cuphead seems tailor-made for an animated series. The whole aesthetic of the game is that it looks like a ’30s Disney film! With Studio MDHR promising to show us the “wondrous Inkwell Isles” as we’ve never seen them before, the sky is the limit for a Cuphead adaptation.


Cody's Take


I’m not sure there’s a better fit for a Netflix adaptation than Cuphead. While the gameplay in Studio MDHR’s sidescrolling run-and-gun adventure was never short on fun, it was the outstanding visuals that kept me coming back. In all my time with games, Cuphead is the only one that really managed to capture the feel of an old-school cartoon.

While I’ve been interested in the other Netflix adaptations that have been announced—especially The Witcher, despite the wigCuphead is the first I’m actually excited about. It represents a big moment for games, too. Cuphead‘s adaptation proves developers don’t need to follow a specific formula to see their creations get noticed by giants like Netflix. That precedent means we could see more innovation, not less, from developers who want to follow Studio MDHR’s lead and produce something completely unique.

Cuphead‘s Netflix adaptation is the biggest yet for gaming. The only question that remains is just how big it will be—and I can’t wait to tune in to find out.