What is SwitchedON Gamer?

We are a party of Canadian gamers who rarely have the stack of time we used to have for the video games we love and get excited about. When we have those few fleeting moments to either play games or dive into news, gameplay videos, interviews reviews and all that good stuff, we go hard and marathon that ish. We also get pretty pissed having to sort through fluff, ad-speak, subscription gates and all those garbage tactics that are so common in video game news journalism today.

Sound familiar?

Stronger together, we realized that if we combine our time, we could tag-team the world of gaming and spare other gamers like us, and you, the pain of having to jump through hoops to get the info we want. This is the early fire that lit up SwitchedON Gamer. We are ‘switched on’ to what’s important, conscious of making the best use of your time and carving out the unnecessary junk that gets in the way of you and switching on to the games and news you want. Honest, no fluff, unfiltered. Say hi to your SwitchedON Gamers:

Paul Hunter,


About Paul: Based in Toronto, Paul is a proud Canadian, lifelong gamer, and consumer of all things tech! He is one of Canada’s most trusted gaming and technology experts with over 10 years’ experience in the industry. He is well known for sharing his view on what’s hot and what’s not in an honest, down-to-earth manner. On a personal note, Paul is a dedicated husband and father, and loves travelling with his family to the US and Japan.

Favourite Game Franchises: Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario, Uncharted
Favourite Consoles: PS4, PS2, SNES

Matthew Rondina,


About Matthew: Matthew has been involved in all things gaming since the 8-bit era. He is a veteran of the video game and tech industry who has been passionate about technology and gaming for over 20 years. He has been covering interactive entertainment and esports on the web, in video series, podcasts and on international television. Follow Matthew’s gaming adventures on twitter and instagram @dapper_tux and join in on the fun!

Favourite Game Franchises: Super Mario Bros., Halo, Uncharted
Favourite Consoles: N64, Xbox 360, PS2

John Jacques,


About John: John is a Toronto-based journalist from Bracebridge, Ontario. With several years of experience in the gaming industry spent delivering news with honesty and integrity, his appetite for gaming has only grown with time. Outside of the gaming world, he’s got a huge passion for photography, sports, and mid-day naps. You can check him out on his Twitter channel, @Makelevi.

Favourite Game Franchises: Gears of War, FIFA, Counter-Strike
Favourite Consoles: Xbox One, N64, PS2

Steve Vegvari,


About Steve: Steve is based in Toronto, Ontario. His adoration for everything gaming began very early on in the SNES-era. He’s gone on to write honest content around the web. While not writing about games, Steve is often looking for the next big narrative-driven title. Something with an impactful story, regardless of genre or platform. Bonus points if it has an appealing achievement/trophy list! Find him on Twitter @SVegvari.

Favourite Game Franchises: Halo, The Legend of Zelda, BioShock
Favourite Consoles: Xbox, SNES, PS2 

Cody Gravelle,


About Cody: Based out of Niagara Falls, Cody is a gaming expert with years of industry experience writing about the latest in news, trends, and criticism. He’s known for his honesty, analysis, and sense of humour, and he has a particularly large soft spot for JRPGs. Outside of video games, Cody is passionate about anime, Japanese pro wrestling, trading card games, and tattoos. You can find him tweeting about all of those things and more @cm_GG.

Favourite Game Franchises: Final Fantasy, Persona, Monster Rancher
Favourite Consoles: PS2, PS4, Nintendo Switch

Riley Little,


About Riley: Riley has written about video games across several publications for almost a decade now. In his eyes, there’s really no better field to work and grow in. Outside of games, he’s also a fan of hockey, wrestling, and most Canadian things. You can find Riley over on Twitter @TheRileyLittle.

Favourite Game Franchises: Super Smash Bros., Banjo-Kazooie, Halo
Favourite Consoles: N64, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360